Kepler Space Inc.

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Kepler positions itself between the Synthetic Aperture Radar technology developers and the geotechnical community that needs radar applications to measure large scale topographic features and ground deformation with extreme accuracy.


Structural and geomorphological mapping below the vegetation layer.

Accurate ground deformation and topographic measurements.

Spatially continuous coverage of an area with measurement points.

Monitoring day and night and almost on any weather.

Access to virtually any point on Earth since the measurements are space-borne.

Periodic monitoring that becomes more and more frequent with the transition from individual sensors to constellations of sensors.

Monitoring with increased accuracy for specific applications with the transition from individual sensors to tandems.

Working with the client to extend surface measurements downward into models of the underground processes (seismologic, hydrogeologic, oil and gas reservoirs, excavation).

Accurate surface water extent and flooded vegetation mapping. Water flow gradients and water levels change measurements from interferometric analysis

Kepler developed K-SAR (it's own ground-based SAR system). K-SAR is used to monitor both areas oriented away from the space-based SAR systems and small infrastructure not visible to medium/low resolution systems